Mrs Hinch fans are revealing £1 secret for removing sunscreen stains from clothes – & it’s super easy

THE WEATHER is heating up – which means you're hosing your kids down with sunscreen like there's no tomorrow.

But sunscreen can often leave stubborn stains in clothes that won't come out.

Luckily, Mrs Hinch fans have been sharing their very handy hacks that can remove the stains.

And best of all, the most recommended product costs just £1.

As reported by The Express, the initial post that sparked the conversation read: "How do I get Nivea kids suncream out of my holiday clothes please?”

And Mrs Hinch fans replied in the hundreds with their favourite hacks.


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One recommended: "Oil removers so Elbow Grease or Fairy Liquid.”

Another suggested: “Rub in neat Fairy Liquid.”

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You can purchase Fairy washing up liquid for £1 at Poundland.

Other users recommended soaking the stained piece of clothing in soda crystals.

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"Soak in soda crystals, in cold water put a fair amount in then put some in the washing machine too," another woman commented.

And others recommended Napisan.

"I use Napisan, just add it to your normal wash.”

She added: “It’s non-bio now, but brilliant for any stain, just add it in with whatever you usually use in the drum as an additional.”

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, 32, has long been a fan favourite, with close to 4.5million followers on Instagram.

The star rose to fame a few years ago with various home hacks and now her fans have even started dedicated cleaning pages on social media.

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