Mrs Hinch mad mum tapes off bathroom to keep kids out until she gets a perfect snap and cleaning fans think it’s genius

A MRS Hinch mad mum has revealed she taped off her bathroom to keep the kids out until she could get the perfect Instagram shot – and her fellow cleaning fans think it's genius.

Amanda Knowles, 42, from Beckenham, Kent, has 11,600 followers on her page Mrs KS Happy – inspired by cleanfluencer Sophie Hinchliffe.

And the mum-of-three had her followers in hysterics the other day, when she revealed how she pulls off her sparkling pictures.

Using pink tape, Amanda cordoned off her family bathroom with a sign which read: "Please do not enter until Mummy has done a grid post! LOVE YOU".

Posting on Instagram, she said: "I de-moulded, de-cluttered, de-limescaled, shower door looks brand new and I just wanted to get the mats off the line for the photo!

"This is a joke of course but it did cross my mind when I sprinted to the line and back up please don’t let anyone be in there !

"Any pictures I post are of course tidy for the grid, I have three children a husband and dog nothing stays like it for long but I once read something which made me fine with this 'one day you will miss the mess'.

"And this puts a lump in my throat and makes my heart hurt because I never want one day to ever come."

Speaking to Fabulous, Amanda said: "I did get a brilliant response most of the comments were that they would be doing the same.

"I only did it for about 5 mins as I was getting the bath mats from the line and wanted to take a nice photo for the grid before it was used!"

Commenting on the snap, other parents said: "Haha love the sign", "I'd be tempted to do that" and "Oh I love this".

Others wrote: "This is such a brilliant idea", and "I  wouldn’t let my kids use the toilet until I had my perfect rainbow in it!!"

While one mum said:  "I bloody love this and the sign! It’s so true though isn’t it".

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