Mum hails £2.50 miracle product for transforming her kids’ filthy trainers and making them look brand new | The Sun

A MUM has taken it to Instagram to share a cheap miracle product that saw her kids' dirty trainers become as good as new.

With summer now in full force, most children will spend their days outdoors – whether on the beach, in the forest or running around in the muddy backyard.

Whilst this is great news for parents, who might need a little breather from their kids, summer often comes with another, less welcome visitor – filthy shoes that are impossible to get clean.

No one knows it better than this mum, who goes by the username Scrub Dust and Clean on Instagram.

But luckily, she had managed to find a solution – one that she also decided to share on social media.

At the start of the clip, which has been liked by more than 400 people, the cleaning whizz demonstrated just how dirty her daughters' footwear was.

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The once baby pink trainers had dirty marks all around them, as the mum wrote in the caption: ''As you can tell they really needed some love and care.''

To give them a much-needed makeover, she tried the Oxi Powder Stain Remover by The Pink Stuff – a firm favourite amongst fans of Mrs Hinch.

She first took the shoes and put them in the kitchen sink before adding a scoop of the miracle powder.

Then, adding some water, she let the powder do its magic for an hour.

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''Look at that water already,'' she wrote on the footage which revealed dirty water.

Once the time had passed, the mum chucked the shoes in thw washing machine and proceeded to wash them as normal.

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The results were astonishing – according to the cleaning fanatic, the trainers looked ''brand new''.

''I am blown away by this product its soooo good [sic],'' she said, adding the powder can be used for everything.

It's not just the mum who was impressed – the viewers were too.

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''Looks like never used before well done,'' wrote one fan.

''Never knew that you could use pink staff for this as well [heart eyes emoji],'' another commented of the product, which can be purchased for £2.50 at Wilko and Ocado.

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