Mum issues stark warning about the dangers of a party bag gift after her son cuts himself | The Sun

A MUM has issued a stark warning about the dangers of snap bands, after her son ended up cutting himself on one.

Dani took to TikTok to share a video in which she urged other parents to be aware of the dangers of the bracelets.

"My kids goes to parties and get party bags, and in one my son got was a snap bracelet," she said.

"We all know what a snap bracelet is. This snap bracelet my son had… he came downstairs and said, 'Oh, I've cut my finger'.

When Dani asked her son how he'd cut himself, he replied that he'd done it on the snap bracelet, at which point she took a closer look at the band.

"Turns out that taking the snappy bit out of the snap bracelet, this is what it was," she said, holding up a piece of metal tape measure.

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"We all know that we don't let kids play with tape measures because they're metal, they're thin and they're very sharp.

"It cut him enough for him to bleed and it could have been worse, potentially.

"Just be mindful of this, guys, because it's a bit dangerous."

Dani added in her video caption: "Be careful darlings I was so shocked to discover this!!!!!!"

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The comments section was quickly filled with remarks from concerned parents, many of whom admitted they don't let their kids have snap bracelets because of the dangers.

"Unfortunately I think most snap bracelets have a tape measure inside," one wrote.

"I refuse to give my daughter one now. They’re so dangerous."

"They are very known to be made out of them. I steer clear of them," another added.

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"I cut my finger on one of these that go in your hair about 11 years ago," a third commented.

"It wouldn't stop bleeding for about 3 hours, I almost had to have stitches."

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