Mum makes her home look like a completely ‘different house’ with a simple paint job for £90

A MUM has shared how she made the exterior of her home look like a “different house” with a simple paint job. 

The best part of her DIY project is that it only cost around £90 to achieve and saved the family a fortune. 

The woman shared striking before and after photos to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group and thousands have praised her efforts. 

Before the DIY project, the home had a dull brown brick exterior – but has now been painted a modern white shade with black windows. 

She wrote: “Me and my hubby wanted to do a house and window transformation. 

“We seen a price for £120 for someone to just do 1 door so it would cost a fortune! We painted the house along with 5 windows and front door for around £90- £100 in total! 

“We are really pleased with the result, I think my husband has done an amazing job!”

To achieve the finished look, she used Sandtex Magnolia ultra smooth on the walls, and Zinsser Allcoat Exterior Satin Paint Black for the windows. 

Many people were shocked at how different the home looked after such a simple tweak. 

One wrote: “It looks like a different house… where do I get one of these 'husbands' you speak of.”

Another added: “Wow what a transformation, looks great.”

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