Mum says she’s PROUD her son punched ‘class bully’ – but other parents aren’t convinced

A MUM has divided opinion after revealing she is “proud” her son punched the “class bully”. 

Laura Mazza, 33, from Melbourne, said son Luca, six, told her he had to do something to stop the classmate from bullying him.

Laura is mum to Luca, six, Sofia, four, and two-year-old James, and regularly shares the reality of parenting on her Instagram.

In a post, she wrote: “My son punched another kid today.

“He told me that another boy was picking on him, and when he told him to stop, he pushed him off the playground, then ran away.

“And I asked him, ‘okay, so what did you do?’

“He said ‘I chased him and punched him in the face so he knows never to bully me again. I knew the teacher wouldn’t do anything so I had to stop him from bullying me.’”

The mum said she “thanked him for being honest and talked about different ways of handling it without violence.”

Laura added: “But was I proud? Yeah a little bit. I know violence isn’t the answer but I also know that when it comes to bullies you gotta stand up to them. 

“I’m glad he did. I’m sad I wasn’t there to protect him and that he was let down by adults, but I’m glad he stood up for himself, because as an adult that’s still one of the hardest things to do.

“I want my kids to know that the bad guy doesn’t win.”

The mum-of-three said that she doesn’t think her kids are “angels” but that her son isn’t the type to “hit anyone randomly or ever bully anyone.”

Laura added: “He is sweet by nature. In the 6 years I’ve known him, I’ve never ever witnessed him punch someone unprovoked.”

She asked people for their opinions on the incident, and got a mixed bag when it came to responses. 

One supported the punch, and said: “Well done! He handled it well and so did you! Some kids push the boundaries and never see the repercussions of their behaviour.”

Another added: “Honestly, I would be super proud of my son if it were him! Sadly some teachers don’t always help the right children.”

However, one said that the boy should have gone to his teacher first, and said: “How does he know the teacher wouldn't do anything? 

“Kids often feel this but it may or may not be the case.”

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