Mum shares clever hack to warm up paddling pools quickly this summer

YOU'VE spent hours blowing up the paddling pool, filling it up and getting the kids in their swimming gear.

But they dip one toe in the water and declare it's "freeeeezzzzinnnnggg".

If that's a situation that sounds familiar, one mum has a clever hack to warm up paddling pool water quickly – and you only need one thing.

First-time mum Autumn Grace took to her Instagram Reels to share the clever tip, explaining: "If your pool is too cold for your children, a quick and easy way to warm it up is by placing black trash bags over the top."

This is because dark colours are better absorbers of light and heat.

So, by putting the black sacks across the surface of the water, you are giving it chance to absorb the heat and light from the sun – warming up the water in the process.

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"This is one of the best mum hacks for the summer," Autumn added.

She was quickly praised in the comments section by other parents, one of whom commented: "This page is EVERYTHING!! I feel really prepared for the next one."

"Thanks for this girl!" another wrote.

Others insisted you could use warm water in the pool to stop the need for using the rubbish bags.

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"My mother used to boil water on the stove to warm up my granddaughter's pool water," one wrote.

"The things grandmas do for their grandchildren!"

As another added: "We use warm water."

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But someone else argued: "My outside tap only dispenses cold water so I have to get hot water in a bucket from inside and make multiple trips.

"Quite the inconvenience and water starts to get cold by the time I'm done lol."

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