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PADDLING pool season is here, but anyone who has ever owned one of these knows they are something of a bug magnet.

Well luckily, one mum has taken to TikTok to share her top tip for debugging any pool, using two items that you likely already have in your house.

Posting to her TikTok account, @mcigala1, the mum refers to her method as ‘Mexican style.’

The video begins with some pictures of her family in the pool, with text reading: “Getting a pool but having to keep it clean…”

 Attaching a sieve to a swiffer stick, the savvy TikToker uses this to remove any dead bugs floating in the pool.

She says that this “worked like a charm.”

You can purchase a sieve for just £1 from Tesco, and a stainless steel one is available for just £2.75 at Dunelm.


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And you can find a Swiffer floor cleaning start kit on Amazon for £14.97.

TikTok users shared their love for this hack, with one writing: “OMG THIS IS WHAT I DO TOO! thought it was just me Lmao.”

“How come I didn't think of this???” wrote a second TikToker.

While a third added: “Omggg so smart on my way to do the same lol.”

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Hot hack

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In the comments, @mcigala1 says that she came up with this idea after seeing the price of pool cleaners: “I went to the store and saw those prices, and I was like umm nope I got something at home lol.”

While most loved this hack, one user pointed out one issue with these, writing: “Yeah but what about to vacuum the bottom of the pool? Need to scrub it before it gets green & it’s a lot of work.”

Another suggested a different solution to the bug problem: “Why does no one buy Pool covers!?”

This mum certainly isn’t the only parent sharing top tips for making the most out of paddling pools this summer.

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