Mum shares unique way her Elf on the Shelf marks his arrival – but people are saying she's gone way too far | The Sun

FOR many parents, the arrival of December also means the arrival of the Elf on the Shelf.

And some go all out to ensure their kids are suitably stunned by their Elf's big entrance.

But one mum has sparked controversy by sharing a video on Instagram of herself snipping her children's hair with scissors as they slept – an act she would blame the Elf for in the morning.

"Cookie the Elf on the Shelf, we do it for fun!" Julissa wrote alongside her video.

"Cookie the hairstylist."

She then attempted to prevent backlash by adding a disclaimer, which read: "**no kids were harmed in the making**".

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But the words did little to stop people commenting on the video, with the majority insisting she'd gone too far.

"Hard pass," one wrote.

While another added: "That's too much now."

"I don’t understand this trend of cutting kids hair and clothing in their sleep without their knowledge for likes," someone else commented.

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"Really disrespectful."

"Maybe if they had haircuts that day but otherwise nope," a third commented.

"I understand what the joke is, but little me would kill the elf on the shelf if this ever happened to me," another added.

Others were more impressed with the stunt, insisting they'd give it a go themselves.

"I’m definitely doing this," one wrote.

"Omg this is what I do when Julian is sleeping," another commented.

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