Mum shows off her kid’s Bluey birthday cake & it’s so bad people say it looks more like a platypus than the cartoon dog | The Sun

HAVE you ever tried to make your kids a birthday cake from scratch?

If you have, you probably already know that the results aren't always that visually appealing.

One mum was left with a bit of an eyesore after she tried to impress her tot with a Bluey birthday cake.

After showing off the homemade cake it was shared on the Facebook group That's it, I'm cake shaming.

Users slammed the mum's baking attempt, saying the cake looked more like a platypus than the cartoon dog.

The cake was a good effort and the mum even used several different shades of blue icing, as well as orange for the dog's ears and snout.


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But not everyone was so forgiving.

One quipped: "I didn't realise Bluey was a duck."

And a second took a jab at the messy icing and quipped: "More like Blurry."

"Thought Bluey was a dog not a platypus, each to their own I suppose," someone else joked.

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Others thought the cartoon dog looked like a "stoned duck."

And one user joked: "Ok, show me where the baker touched you."

Some people were more forgiving of the birthday blunder, one said: "To be fair I barely scrolled to this and my 3 year old said “It’s BLUEY!”
So it may be a fail, but it’s good enough for a 3 year old LOL."

Others commented on the poor pup's eyes that made it look like "Bluey has seen sh*t go down in her short life."

There's no word on how the cartoon cake actually tasted though, fingers crossed it was better than it looked.

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