Mum sparks fierce debate with her 'unpopular opinion' that parents should clear up after their kids when eating out | The Sun

A MUM has sparked a fierce debate with her "unpopular opinion" – that parents should always clear up after their children when eating out.

Katie took to TikTok to share a video in which she explained her view, writing: "Unpopular opinion – you should clean up after your children at restaurants.

"Yes, even if the staff are being paid to do it."

In the clip, she and her husband were seen getting the food that their children had dropped off the floor, and wiping down the table.

"I love this debate!" she added in the caption.

"Having two little ones at a table can create an unreasonable amount of mess that I don’t think staff should have to deal with.

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"Of course, there has been times where s**t hits the fan and I have to run out profusely apologising, but for the most part I want them to know my children throwing food is not their job to clean up!

"What’s your stance on this?"

One mum insisted she agreed with Katie, writing: "I always do. Most servers tell me not to worry, but I do it as best I can anyway."

To which Katie replied: "Yes you’re right!

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"But even having that exchange makes me feel better like they know I didn’t just let my kids trash the place with no consequences."

"I always clean up because I used to be a server and know the soul crusher that is a baby mess during a rush," another added.

"Absolutely. No one came to work to clean up after my kid," someone else wrote.

But others argued that while they'll do a small tidy up, one of the reasons they go out to eat is because they don't have to clean up after their kids.

"Look, I prevent as much mess as possible & I clean the table, stack the dishes. I am not going to get down on all fours to clean the floor," one wrote.

"As a waitress no… like yes tidy up and make sure the garbage is on the plates but leave the floor we have brooms for that," another added.

And someone else agreed, commenting: "Sorry I work in restaurants… you do not have to do this. We have brooms."

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