Mum takes kids ‘camping’ in her garden even though she has no tent and people are praising her idea | The Sun

A MUM has revealed her very creative way of taking her kids camping in the back garden despite not being able to use a tent. 

Donna Gregory shared how her family converted their football goal posts into a makeshift tent during the hot weather.

She shared photos to the Facebook group Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas, and other parents were impressed with the idea.

Donna wrote: “When the kids can no longer use their old tent after having fake grass installed so they improvise with goal posts, towels, blankets and hair clips and make their own homemade tent complete with gaming area at one end.

“Great nights sleep had by the 3 of us as well which was a bonus. 

“At least it kept them busy for a while as well and they were pretty proud of their creation.”

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The children draped their towels and blankets over the posts, and then snuggled up inside with cushions and sleeping bags. 

They even brought their board games inside for some entertainment.

Many parents were quick to take to the comments and say they wanted to try it with their own families.

One said: “Summers when the magic happens!”

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Another added: “Great idea bet the kids loved it.”

And a third commented: “Simple things. We covered the outside of the trampoline and camped inside.”

Donna replied: “Creating happy memories is what it’s all about.”

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