Mum-to-be slammed for making friends pay a £15 'entry fee' to her baby shower and fining them if they 'turn up without a present'

A MUM-TO-BE has sparked furious debate online after she charged her close friends £15 to attend her gender reveal party and fining them if they showed up empty-handed.

Posting on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum, an outraged guest revealed she boycotted the event in protest of the mum-to-be's demands.

The woman revealed that she had originally planned to attend her friend's baby shower and had splashed out on "bottles, pacifiers and baby shampoo" to give as a gift. So far, no normal.

However, things began to take a turn when the woman received a text from her pal just one week before saying "that this was now a gender reveal party and they were having a separate baby shower" at a later date.

The disgruntled guest wrote: "I was slightly annoyed because I knew I was going to have to request off work again and buy another gift. I told her I'd try my best to be there but I couldn't make any promises."

Then just two days before the party, the guest was horrified when the mum-to-be "texts in a group message of people and says there's an entry fee of $20 [£15]" to attend.

What's more, the mum said she'd ask for extra if they "turned up without a present".

Admitting that she lives "paycheck-to-paycheck", the woman added: "I texted her privately outside the group message and told her I didn't have an extra [£15] to bring to the party, since I had already got her a gift and had bills to pay."

But despite the great efforts the woman had already gone to, the mum-to-be said she couldn't make an exception and reminded her friend that she had promised to be there.

Unsurprisingly, the woman chose not to attend the party and didn't reply to the text.

"She texted me a few days later informing me I was disinvited to the future baby shower," the user continued. "She was appalled I couldn't even message to let her know I wasn't coming after I said I'd be there."

Asking whether or not she was in the wrong, the woman wrote: "I understand maybe I should've clarified I wasn't coming at this point.

"Although she knows my situation and that I live paycheck-to-paycheck."

Needless to say, other users were quick to call out the mum-to-be.

I texted her privately outside the group message and told her I didn't have an extra [£15] to bring to the party, since I had already got her a gift and had bills to pay

"What are you? A hot NYC nightclub? Who the f*** charges for a private party," one wrote.

Another added: "She sprung a fee on everyone after they'd already agreed, which means she had planned all along and knew damn well nobody would show up if she told them earlier."

Trying to see it from the mum's point of view, a third wrote: "I mean, maybe I'd get it if it was like $5 and they were ordering a bunch of pizzas for the party… but anything more is insane."

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