Mum uses hilarious sign to get kids to put their dirty clothes away – but some think it's a step too far

LET'S be honest, there is NOTHING more infuriating than your family members leaving dirty clothes scattered around the house – as if their socks and pants are going to magically find their way into the machine.

It's for this exact reason that one mum decided to make a tongue-in-cheek sign to encourage her loved ones to help out with the household chore – but some people think it's bordering on aggressive.

Posting on the Facebook group Bunnings Mum Australia, the mum proudly showed off her new laundry station she'd made out of plywood.

Sharing before-and-after photos with the group's 70,000 members, the mum admitted that she "was sick of looking at the laundry stacked up in the corner" of the room.

With this in mind, the mum made a countertop out of leftover plywood and placed two laundry baskets in between the washing machine and drawer.

But just to make sure her kids don't get into bad habits again, she then finished off her £100 refurbishment with a sign she'd made reading: "Put away your laundry or I'll punch you in the throat. Love, mum."

Needless to say, other frustrated mums went wild over the sign – and starting offering the mum money to make one for them.

One replied: "Love the sign. My other favourite threat is, 'I'll punch you in the kidneys.'"

Another added: "Absolutely love that sign."

Meanwhile, a third gushed: "Sign steals the show!!"

But not everyone was taken by the jokey message.

Where one user sarcastically labelled the mum "classy", another simply wrote: "Horrible message on that sign."

In response, the woman wrote: "Our family has a great sense of humour. It's all in jest."

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