My baby's so chunky at four months that she's in 12-month clothes… I need to know I'm not the only one with a chubby tot | The Sun

HER baby girl is only four months, but is already wearing clothes meant for a one-year-old.

Daniela took to TikTok to share a video of her gorgeous chubby baby, as she wrote over the top: "How old is your baby and what size are they using?"

"My baby is four months old and she's in size 12 months," she added, before showing the tot wearing a pair of 12-month trousers.

"It fits her perfectly!" she said.

Daniela added in the video caption: "I need to know I'm not the only one with a chubby baby."

And people were quick to take to the comments section to reassure Daniela that she definitely wasn't the only one.

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"my son is 2 and a half months wearing size 6-9m," one wrote.

"They grow so fast!"

"My baby is 8 months using 12 months or 18," another added.

Perhaps the most shocking comment came from one woman, who revealed her nine-month-old baby is already wearing clothes meant for four to five year olds.

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"I got a chunky happy baby," she said.

"my baby is also 4m wearing 12m," a third commented.

With Daniela replying: "Size twins! got to love how chunky they are."

"yeah my 3 month old is in 9 month clothes now, idk what we're gonna do," another wrote.

Others had the issues on the other end of the scale.

"my baby is 6 months and in 0-3 months," one wrote.

"my baby is 8 months old and fit 3-6 until this week. just switched to 6-9 month and I think I need to go to 9-12 cuz the major growth spurt this week," another added.

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