My Depop order took ages to arrive… when I saw what the seller had added as an apology I was so confused | The Sun

ONE of the downsides of online shopping is that sometimes the order gets stuck somewhere and takes ages to arrive.

In most cases, the seller will send a quick apology. But it seems that one person felt so bad for making their customer wait that they decided to chuck in a little something-something.

After sending out the parcel later than expected, the Depop seller wrote a text to the customer: ''I shipped today. I'm so sorry it took a few days.

''I was sick and wasn't able to do much,'' they explained.

''I added something for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience!''

Like most, you'd probably imagine to find a small chocolate bar, perhaps a little note or a discount code for the next purchase.

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Instead, the seller decided two tiny plastic dolls – neither of which looked brand new – would be enough to make up for the long wait.

The buyer, turns out, had received them and even took a photo of the rather unusual present, sharing it on Instagram.

The snap, as well as a screenshot of the conversation, was then uploaded on Depop Drama on social media, where it's since left people in hysterics.

''Yes pls send me ur crap that was meant for the bin,'' one chuckled.

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Another penned: ''Not gonna lie they’d be straight in the bin.''

A third reckoned: ''Not sure if this is heartwarming or something out of a horror movie but I'd take it as a win.''

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It's not the first time the popular second-hand clothing app has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.

Recently, one shopper was mortified upon opening the parcel in which they had expected to find trendy denim bottoms.

According to the style lover, they had ordered a pair of jeans – but upon opening the parcel, they were in for a surprise.

Rather then denim bottoms, in turned out, they received… almost a dozen of small onions.

Baffled, the Depop fan immediately proceeded to send a message to the seller who had sent out the package of the goods.

''Hello, before I open a Depop case for this, do you have any reasonable explanation why I just received a parcel with onions in it instead of the jeans I ordered?''

''WHAT? Seriously?

''Um, I'm honestly really confused, what the hell.''

They went on to add: ''W*f? I don't understand, wdym [what do you mean] onions?

''Sorry, I'm really confused, I sent the Levis,'' the seller claimed, before asking if the delivered parcel looked open to the unfortunate shopper.

And it's safe to say that social media users were left in stitches, with one chuckling: ''free onions? in this economy?? score.''

Another joked: ''There's a budding gardening enthusiast somewhere who just received a nice pair of Levis.''

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Someone else suggested: ''i think that's garlic but like make pasta and go crazy.''

But it appears that the person on the other end was just as confused, completely unaware of the total mishap.

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