My dog got a 'tattoo' – it didn't hurt him and was meant to be temporary but lasted for two years | The Sun

THEY thought they'd pay tribute to their time in Las Vegas with a special "tattoo".

And while dog Gus's owner chose a fur shaving that's meant to be temporary, it ended up lasting for over two years.

He took to TikTok to post a video which showed Gus having the design – the name "Mom" in a heart with a scroll at the bottom – from famous Sin City tattooist Rob the Original.

"My dog got a tattoo," he wrote over the clip.

"We went to Vegas, we met this famous tattoo artist."

Pre-empting the criticism he predicted he may face from TikTok viewers, he added: "Don’t worry, it’s just a fur shaving.

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"It didn’t hurt my dog at all."

He concluded the video, which showed Gus sitting proudly to show off the "tattoo", by writing: "It lasted for over two years!"

"We all thought it’d be gone in a few weeks and it just WOULD. NOT. GO," one person commented on the video.

"It's a frenchie, if he wasn't okay with it people would be very able to tell, looks awesome tbh," another added.

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With the owner replying: "yeah he isn’t shy about when he doesn’t like things haha."

"This is amazing!" someone else commented.

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"i thought yall were shaving a patch for an actual ink tattoo at first," another laughed.

While someone else added: "I was ready to get real mad after the first sentence."

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