My Fellow Introverts, Please Enjoy Selena Gomez's "Homebody" Sweatshirt For $65

Selena Gomez found the sweatshirt of my introvert dreams. Sometimes, I’ll go out and wish I had my Myers-Briggs type printed across my forehead to avoid appearing rude when I keep to myself or start-up awkward small talk. That’s why I’m digging Selena’s Sub Urban Riot Homebody Willow Sweatshirt ($65). She wore the collegiate-fit fleece top while biking around with a friend, and it certainly sends a cozy message.

For me, the sweatshirt communicates the “I’d rather be at home” vibe perfectly. Plus, is there any fashion choice more appropriately introverted than wearing clothing that does the talking for you? Check out more snaps of Selena’s sweatshirt below, and if you’re part of the proud introverts crew, you can shop the exact top for yourself.

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