My friend has named her daughter something common but it's spelt it SO weird – there were loads of better options too | The Sun

PICKING the perfect name for your baby isn't easy.

On the one hand, you want something timeless that will still suit them when they're older, but you might also want something unique.

One mum's conundrum lead to choosing a common name, but with a unusual spelling.

Her friend joked on Reddit: "Want to know a new way to spell Julia?"

She revealed that the mum named her newborn daughter 'Jewelia'.

"I wish I was kidding," she wrote.


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Although the friend said the mum is 'lovely'the name probably wasn't the best choice.

She continued: In her defence, and she needs one, her other girls are named Gemma, Pearl, and Ruby.

"So I get that she wanted to stay with that theme, but what an ugly way to spell such a beautiful name."

Other users were confused why the mum didn't pick another name that would still fit her theme.

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One wrote: "Uh, Amethyst, Opal, Amber, Sapphire…? Sigh."

A second agreed: "You're right. There are so many gem names, and they had to go and choose that."

Another confessed: "My mom was going to spell it Jewellea when she was naming my sister.

"Thank god she just went with Julia."

And someone else joked: "Wait 'til I tell my wife she’s been spelling her own name wrong all these years."

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