My friends charge their adult kids rent & I think it’s so wrong, I never would no matter what their age

A WOMAN has taken aim at her friends who charge their adult kids rent, insisting it's 'so wrong' and something no parent should do.

The mum said that "no matter their age" kids should be able to live at home rent-free and that it's "very strange" for people to think otherwise.

Her comments completely divided opinion with many arguing the high cost of having grown kids live at home for free.

But the woman defended her comments by saying if you can afford to have kids then you can afford to look after them past the age of 18.

The woman shared her concerns on Mumsnet where she wondered if it was normal to make grown children pay rent.


She said: "I have a few friends who charge their adult children rent to live at home.

"I personally find this very strange, no matter their age my children will always be my children and welcome in my home without any expectation of money.

"I think as well, with it being so hard for young people to get on the housing ladder these days, one of the only ways they can is to live at home rent free so they can save for a deposit."

While some agreed, many were shocked by her stance, with some insisting they "can’t support another adult for free."

Some commenters claimed kids will never learn to manage their own money unless they pay rent, Mirror reports, but the woman disagreed.

One person wrote: "It is important that these young adults pay their way. I'd be charging rent and putting it away to assist towards their deposit."

While another said: "How will they learn to manage their money and budget if they don’t pay rent?"

Arguing her point, the woman responded: "It doesn't make sense to me that you’d have children but the second they turn 18 you can't afford to have them around anymore.

I personally find this very strange, no matter their age my children will always be my children and welcome in my home without any expectation of money.

"I'm by no means wealthy – less than £100 left over each month. But I won't top up my budget at the expense of my children."

She went on to explain that her own kids pay their own phone and car bills while putting money into their saving each month – and that this teaches them financial independence.

"With regards to teaching financial independence – they budget an amount of money each month to go towards a deposit and then they have to pay their bills (phone, car etc) so they are being responsible."

Some, however, agreed admitting they'd never make their kids pay to stay at home.

Although, some said they would expect them to be looking at moving out.

"I wouldn’t charge rent, and I know my parents wouldn’t have either," one said.

"But if they were living with me as adults I would expect them to have some sort of plan for moving on like saving for a house deposit."

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