My husband’s set on a name for our daughter, but doesn’t realise it has a VERY rude meaning… he won’t listen to me | The Sun

CHOOSING a name for your child is a big decision, one that puts a lot of pressure on parents.

You want to give your child a name that you will love and one that they will be proud of. 

But one woman has taken to Reddit to explain her name predicament, after her husband is set on a name for their child, but doesn’t realise its rude meaning.

The 30-year-old mum-to-be explained that she and her 37-year-old husband are expecting their first child and just found out that they are expecting a girl.

The couple have started discussing potential names, but the soon-to-be mum explained that her husband is not from the UK and as a result of their cultural differences, he does not understand that the name he has his heart on, is a British slang word, for female genitalia.

Yes, you heard that correctly… 

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The anonymous woman took to Reddit to explain the situation and said: “My husband and I are from different countries with different languages.

“We both speak each other's languages and we live in my husband's country.

“When we found out we were having a girl, my husband said he'd like us to name her after his grandmother who passed away recently and who he was extremely close to. 

“I think this is a very, very sweet idea, and I would have no problem with it were it not for the fact that, to put it bluntly, her name in my language means female genitalia.

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“The name is Fanny.

“In his country, that association doesn't exist at all, it's just a pretty name, and he feels that because we live in his country, there's no issue with our daughter being called that.

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“On the other hand, I'm extremely, extremely reluctant to call her it, knowing what it means in my country.”

The woman explained that she was against giving her child this name, as she didn’t want her to be bullied for it.

She added: “It'll be embarrassing for her to introduce herself with that name when we visit, and if we ever moved back (we're not planning to, but you never know) and she had to attend school there, she'd definitely be bullied for it.

“We've argued about it a bit and neither of us want to back down. 

“I suggested we use it as a middle name, but he really wants to honour his grandmother by using it as a first name. 

“I suggested we change the name slightly to make it a name that exists in my country, while still being very similar to his grandma's name, but he thinks that's not the same. 

“Eventually, my husband accused me of being embarrassed by his culture, which isn't true, I'm in love with his culture and I think the name is very pretty, it's just that I know our daughter will visit my country too and she'll have such a hard time there with that name.

“Am I being the a***hole to insist we use it as a middle name or change it slightly?” 

Reddit users were stunned at the man’s choice of name and took to the comments to advise the woman not to use it.

One person said: “She would absolutely be bullied for it in the US as well. If my mother had named me Fanny the first thing I'd have done on my 18th birthday is legally change my name and start ignoring anyone who continued to call me by the old name.” 

Another added: “Wow. That's a terrible name.” 

A third commented: “Oh no. Your poor child whenever they went to an English speaking country would be the butt of a lot of jokes. Do not do that. 

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“Your husband is wrong. And unless your child is going to lead an extremely sheltered life and NEVER travel…still just no.”

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