My kitchen grout was stained yellow after previous tenants smoked – I found an easy £3.70 hack to get rid of it for good | The Sun

CLEANING tile grout can be an absolute pain and sometimes, it doesn't matter how much you scrub the stains will never come.

Fortunately, one woman has shared an easy hack to get your grout looking brand new again.

Ashleigh Beck, a mum from the UK shared on TikTok how she made her kitchen look good as new again for just £3.70.

Fed up with the stubborn yellow smoking stains left by the previous tenants, the mum had tried all sorts to get the grout white.

She said: "I want to show you how I got this so white, I have tried Elbow Grease, Pink Stuff, bleach, ammonia – I have tried everything.

"I have tried grout pens, it got to the point where I thought do I Tippex it."


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But the mum found one last product that she decided to give a try and she was seriously impressed with the results.

She picked up a tube of UniBond Grout Reviver for £3.70 in B&M and demonstrated how it works.

You simply place the nozzle along the grout you want to 'revive' and gently push the product out to cover the grout.

To reach more difficult parts that the nozzle wouldn't fit in, the mum squeezed some out and used a cotton bud.

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She added: "It is a bit of a long process but it is worth it, 100% worth it."

Once you've applied it and allowed it to dry you then go over the tiles with a wet cloth to get rid of any excess residue.

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In the final clip Ashleigh showed the different between the grout and people were seriously impressed by just how well the product worked.

One wrote: "Looks so much better now!"

Another person commented: "I cannot thank you enough! I’ve spent months trying since moving in, I’m so happy I could legit cry."

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A third penned: "Wow that's some difference."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I couldn't believe it was yellow from smoking. but it now looks so good."

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