My man and I are addicted to takeaways… we’ve vowed to stop & 11 days in we’ve already saved £350

A WOMAN has gone viral on TikTok after sharing her story of becoming addicted to takeaways.

Ella Grace, a mum of two, revealed how she and her partner were spending a fortune on ordering takeout at least twice a day.

Ella, from England, went viral with more than 300k views on one video on her TikTok account, ellagrace_x21, where she is documenting her journey.

Everybody likes a treat every now and again, but for Ella and her partner, it had become a problem where they were ordering takeaway for themselves twice a day, sometimes three times.

The couple has decided to cut out all takeaways for 100 days, and Ella has been challenging herself to make more homecooked meals in the process.

She is already on day 13 and has already saved an estimated £500.

Ella claimed that a typical food day for her and her husband would include starting the day with a toastie and coffee for breakfast from Costa or Starbucks and ordering Subway or Mcdonald's for lunch.

She said for dinner the couple would have Chinese, curry, KFC, Nandos, or whatever they fancied.

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In one video, Ella said: "We are on day 11 and we have saved between £350-£400 already.

Ella was asked if her two children followed the same diet as their mum and dad, to which Ella responded with a "NO WAY!"

She said she would not feed her kids takeaway every day as it was unhealthy for them but noted that an occasional takeaway was not a big deal if parents decided to do that.

Some users asked why if Ella could cook, she wasted so much money on ordering take-out food, to which Ella replied: "It sounds silly when you put it like that but just know food addiction is real."

In another comment, Ella said she would spend around £600 to £1,000 a month on takeaways for herself and her partner.

She also explained to users how difficult it was to be addicted to 'bad' food and the convenience of having take-out food.

Ella added she had tried to stop getting takeaways loads of times in the past and found that documenting her journey on TikTok has helped her keep going with her journey and that the support she has got has made it a positive experience.

Users have been incredibly supportive of the journey and some have even started doing the challenge with her, one wrote: "Can't wait for you to hit that day 100, you've got this!"

"Day nine completed today, really struggled today as I wasn't feeling motivated but we've done it!" Exclaimed another user.

A third person commented: "You’re doing amazing! Your videos pop up every day, I love your positive attitude towards your goal."

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