My ‘numpty’ man got a deal on a new paddling pool after our one burst – what turned up was more than ‘a little bigger’ | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared the hilarious mistake her partner made when purchasing a new paddling pool.

Mum Zoe Taylor, shared the hilarious mishap to her TikTok account @mumsical_madness89, where it’s over 26.9k views.

She begins the video with text reading: “Two days ago our trusty pool burst after five long years…”

Well all know that pain, but Zoe didn’t quite expect what happened next.

Showing her partner putting the new paddling pool together she writes, “So this numpty offered to replace it for something ‘similar.’”

“He told me he’d got a great deal on one just a little bigger.”


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But what turned up was just a bit more than a “little bigger,” and instead was big enough to swim in.

“When you let the man replace the ‘paddling’ pool,” Zoe writes, showing the huge size of the new pool.

“Anyone fancy swimming laps this weekend?” She jokes.

Zoe and her man aren’t the only people to have been caught out by accidentally ordering a huge paddling pool.

One commenter on the clip wrote: “We did the same, probably the same deal as well, didn’t read the size ….”

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To which Zoe replied: “They're great, except when they need cleaning and refilling.”

One helpful viewer did suggest some tips for cleaning this pool, writing: “use a pool floater and chlorine tablets.”

“That's what I call an upgrade,” wrote one viewer, while others commented laughing emojis.

Well at least she’ll be able to get the pool blown up quickly with one woman’s paddling pool hack, that uses just a hairdryer and a drinks bottle.

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There’s also a simple and easy hack to keep paddling pool water warm and avoid any complaints from children over the cold water temperature.

Another mum shared how she keeps her paddling pool free of bugs and flies, it’s super easy and you probably already have the required parts in your house.

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