My stepdad’s kids think I’ve slept with him and he won’t tell them the truth – he’s 55 years older than me and it’s vile

A WOMAN explained that she was angry and disgusted by her ex stepfather who allowed his children to believe that they had slept together despite the 55-year age gap.

The upset woman told how she met her stepfather 13 years ago when he was with her mother and she was just 17 while he was 72.

Recently she was added into a WhatsApp group with his adult children who gave her the cold shoulder and she was horrified when she found out why.

Taking to Mumsnet, the disgusted woman said: "My mother was engaged to a man over a decade ago. He was 72 and I was 17.

"It was a short lived engagement and afterwards we stayed in each others lives as my father is an abusive drunk I don’t see and this man (let’s call him Bob) was very kind to me/I guess I was looking for a father.

"We did theatre trips/dinners. It was essentially a sweet friendship with an age gap."

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She then explained what the situation is like now, 13 years on.

She said: "I’m married with children and see a lot less of him as, firstly I’m busy but also, now I’m older and wiser.

"I’m a bit uncomfortable with a few things he’s said 'if I were a younger man' type stuff. Bit creepy.

"Anyway he added me to a WhatsApp group on Christmas Day with his six much older children and the son of yet another woman he was engaged to.

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"All the children were downright rude to me and lovely to this other young man.

"I asked Bob what it was about and he, totally unashamedly, said: 'Yeh they think we have had a sexual relationship.'"

The woman was absolutely appalled by the suggestion and didn't know what to think.

She said: "What the actual f***?! I asked why he hasn’t corrected that and he absolutely avoided the question.


"I’m angry and disgusted and I don’t really know what to do.

"I don’t really want any relationship with Bob now as I feel he’s intentionally allowed them to believe that but… am I being unreasonable to want to say something to the children?! Can I?! How to get over this?

"I’ve met the children a few times over the years and they’ve always been a bit off snd now I see why!"

Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to jump in with their thoughts.

One person said: "I'd comment on the group that I've never had sex with your ex stepfather then block the whole lot including him. He sounds vvv creepy."

Another agreed: "Add a comment to the group clarifying you’ve never had a sexual relationship with him (make it short and sweet) and you feel uncomfortable keeping in contact with him knowing he’s allowed them all to believe that lie.

"Then block them all including him and have nothing more to do with the creep."

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While a third said: "If my father was 85 and made out he’d slept with his 17-year-old stepdaughter at age 75, I would not be giving her a hard time but would be totally disgusted with him!

"He’s vile and they should be appalled at him."

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