Nail technician on lockdown shares hilarious letterbox manicure video – and has been inundated with hundreds of requests

A CREATIVE nail technician could have found the answer to her clients' lockdown beauty woes with 'through the letterbox' manicures – and has been inundated by requests from desperate fashionistas.

Mum-of-three Tasleem Yasir was devastated when she was forced to close her home salon due to coronavirus, but her husband Raja decided to make her laugh and ease her worries.

As he was clearing the couple's driveway, the 36-year-old hubby cheekily stuck his digits through the letterbox and shouted 'excuse me miss, can you do my nails?' to his wife.

He then sat patiently as Tasleem, 40, set up her manicure table and began lovingly filing and buffing his nails – as their eight-year-old son Mohammed recorded their amusing stunt.

Despite the joke video being simply aimed to cheer up her customers, Tasleem has now been inundated with requests from friends asking if she will give them the same treatment.

Her hilarious clip has been shared and commented on more than 135,000 times – though Tasleem admits she wouldn't offer it to real customers due to lockdown and not wanting to put her family at risk.

Tasleem, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, said: "Everyone is loving it and it's making them laugh. All my friends are stressed about their nails and eyelashes.

"It was really worrying being a mum who's self-employed. I'm totally out of work.

"I was very, very upset that my business is completely shut down. I do everything apart from hair – spray tans, lashes, brows, make up.

"My clients were all at a bit of loose end. I've had them all messaging me asking them to do that for them.

"I just made it so it'll make people laugh. Everyone online seems sad.

"My customers actually believed I was doing it and tried to book an appointment.

"I'm getting requests from all over the place but I don't want to put myself or the kids at risk of coronavirus."

Tasleem, who works from home, was left with no income early last week when the government announced the coronavirus lock-down.

She was worried about how to support her family over the months ahead and knowing his wife was feeling 'very, very upset', Raja set out to prank his wife of five months.

Now, after her video went viral, Tasleem has been fielding enquiries from clients and admirers worldwide – with one confused fan even messaging her from California.

Tasleem said: "I was in my studio doing some clearing up and my husband was tidying the driveway. It was actually my husband's hand.

"It just came out of nowhere. He put his hands through the letterbox and shouted 'excuse me miss, can you do my nails?'

"He understands how to make me laugh. Even just clearing the driveway, he stuck his hands through and we were laughing.

"My husband is very patient to let me do his nails. He was quite impressed with the manicure.


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"He always tries to cheer me up. In life I've been through quite a lot anyway, so he always tries to make me laugh.

"My poor husband is laughing because I'm forcing him to let me do his lashes now too.

"I'm having lots of messages from people saying 'this is hilarious' or 'you've made me laugh'.

"Now I'm thinking of doing an eyelashes video too. I'm trying to figure out how to convince my husband to be my model again."

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