New Balance Japan Expands Its "WAIST TO TOE" Collection With Five Functional Jackets

Given its well received response thus far, New Balance Japan has opted to further extend its “WAIST TO TOE” Collection with five new jacket styles. Recently, the overseas division tapped ethical label Save Khaki United for a collection of layering pieces inspired by retro military garments.

This assortment is inclusive of staple outerwear silhouettes including a Coach Jacket, Double Short Coat, Single Jacket, Double Jacket and a Harrington Jacket. Each is identically colored with a stark black finish, and crafted with functional lightweight and water repellent Solotex — the very same material that is integrated in the capsule’s matching pants. In terms of fit, each piece is crafted with a boxier fit, but they aren’t too exaggerated to the point where the drape steers away from its hybrid formal and casual intent. On top of its feathery weight, 4WAY stretch material is incorporated across each style to provide wearers with easy mobility and comfort.

The pieces are available right now via the New Balance Japan web shop and range from 20,900 (approx. $202 USD) for the Coach Jacket to 28,600 (approx. $276.33 USD) for the Double Short Coat.

For more on the latest from the Boston-headquartered imprint, peep a closer look at the New Balance “Gentleman’s Pack” featuring the 991 and 1500.
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