Nicki Minaj and the Curious Case of Her Pink Chanel Crocs

Singer and rapper Nicki Minaj posted on her Instagram feed for the first time since January, sharing a photo of herself naked, save for a pair of pink Crocs bedazzled with Chanel jewels. Minaj sat atop her pink tufted desk with furry, heart-shaped pillows and Chanel logo-fied candy. She was dripping in diamond chains and rhinestones. Naturally, the fashion statement caused quite a stir.

After releasing information about an upcoming docuseries on HBO Max back in November, we still have no confirmed release date from the star. However, the announcement did come on the 10th anniversary of her debut album Pink Friday, and considering her “F R I D A Y ??” caption on this shot (plus the hot pink ambiance), it certainly seems like Minaj is dressed in celebration . . . of something. Perhaps a new album? While Crocs have been making a steady comeback — Questlove wore a metallic pair to DJ the Oscars and Justin Bieber is a recent collaborator — Nicki introduces a whole new vibe with her charms.

Footwear retailer The Sole Supplier confirmed a 4,900 percent spike in US search for pink Crocs in a matter of hours following her post. Crocs also recently reintroduced its Free Pair for Healthcare program that supports COVID frontline workers, so there’s truly no better time to jump on the bandwagon. POPSUGAR reached out to Crocs for a comment about Nicki’s pair in particular, and we’ll keep you posted if we find out more. In the meantime, you can check out the essentials people are using to DIY similarly decorated Crocs from Etsy and Amazon.

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