Nine of the best summer dresses for women who have to wear bras

Summer is loved by many but there is a cohort of women who simply despise it.

Instead of glowing skin, rosé and stringy tops, it’s three months of boob sweat, tears and stress.

Those with bigger boobs experience a unique sense of worry once the temperature hits a certain number. While we adore the good weather and al-fresco dining and drinks, a fundamental part of summer isn’t made for us.

That element is summer fashion, a beacon of despair for anyone who wears a bra larger than a DD cup.

Because of the heat, the need for fabric coverage dissipates. Hemlines go higher, sleeves fall away and holes appear in the most inconvenient places.

Dresses become a source of fear rather than a place of comfort. Trawling through online stores becomes infuriating when you come across the 50th dress in a row that is not made to house a bra.

Most of the time, unless your boobs are exempt from gravity, a woman with a bigger chest just has to wear a bra. Whether it’s for support, to aid posture or to feel more put together, they are not an option in the morning. For us, they are a goddamn need.

Earlier in the week, writer Priyanka Mattoo made a plea on Twitter asking for help to find ‘a summer dress for ppl who wear bras (sic).’

Her post quickly went viral with many women expressing their eternal struggles.

‘I thought we were just supposed to detach our breasts and hang them up in the closet with the cold weather clothes. At least that’s what fashion has led me to believe,’ wrote one user.

While another said: ‘Every time I find a summer dress I like at @ASOS I get to the picture of the back and realise it’s not possible. Women with large boobs also want to wear strapped summer dresses.’

The post garnered over 42,000 likes meaning the issue is a universal one.

At the heart of it, fashion brands do seem to believe that women hibernate their boobs come summer and only wear them in winter for heat purposes.

And with the amount of backless and thin-strapped creations out there, the presumption in the retail world is that our boobs are magically the same size and can be let roam free.

However, the dark truth is that they can’t.

This truth should push more designers and retailers towards a more body-inclusive design process, but it has not. So until then, we must dig for diamonds.

When shopping for summer dresses look for thicker straps, high v-necklines and extra coverage around the chest area. Many suitable options include sleeves but to stay cool and fresh in warm weather, opt for mini dress styles.

Meanwhile, correct underwear is vital. Try balconette and plunge styles that can be well hidden and require less coverage. Also don’t be afraid to try multiway bras which can be manipulated to suit any dress.

However, until you pluck up the courage to go on the exhausting hunt, we have tried to make the process of big boob shopping that little easier.

Here are nine of the best summer dresses to invest in if you have to wear a bra.

ASOS Design button through midi tea dress

Get it for £35 at ASOS.

H&M cotton wrap dress

Get it for £34.99 at H&M.

RIXO Gloria summer dress

Get it for £205 at RIXO.

Collusion Plus exclusive gingham midi sundress

Get it for £30 at ASOS.

Zara printed midi dress

Get it for £29.99 at Zara.

Violeta by Mango ruffle midi dress

Get it for £59.99 at Mango.

Kitri Lucia pink animal heart dress

Get it for £145 at Kitri.

& Other Stories rib knit midi dress

Get it for £65 at & Other Stories.

Uterque checked mini dress

Get it for £100 at Uterque.

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