Organised mum shares a snap of her perfect pantry complete with labelled boxes & there’s one which caught parents’ eyes

ORGANISATION fans are sorting through their pantries, wardrobes and cupboards after being inspired by the likes of Mrs Hinch and The Home Edit. 

One mum decided to revamp her utility area, and picked up a sleek storage unit from Ikea so she could clear away her clutter. 

She stocked up pink boxes and some Stacey Solomon-approved labels, neatly storing everything away under ‘cleaning’, ‘snacks’ first aid’ and ‘batteries’. 

She shared a snap of her hard work to Facebook group Clean, Declutter, Organise Your Home UK – and there’s one box which caught parents’ eyes. 

Next to the first aid box, the mum had labelled a box ‘booze’ – and parents have found it hilarious.

She wrote: “I decided to put this Ikea unit up on the utility wall. 

I’d need a bigger ‘booze’ box

“Perfect for storing cleaning products, dog stuff, treats and most important booze!!” 

Hundreds have liked the post as they agreed a booze stash is an essential in any household, although a few reckoned they’d need a bigger box. 

One person wrote: “Love how booze is next to the first aid box.”

Another commented: “I’d need a bigger ‘booze’ box.”

A third said: “Never label it booze. You can get away with so much more if you haven't got a named place for it…. just saying from experience lol!”

This mum reckoned: “That's awesome but I'd need a bigger booze box!”

While another added: “I don't think it would hold under the weight of my booze.”

Meanwhile mum praises Aldi’s cupboard door storage for giving extra space and it’s a must for The Home Edit fans.

And storage fans rave about Home Bargains’ clear box range which has everything to sort out your life from just £1.99.

Plus this crafty mum saves herself hundreds by making mirrored LED coffee table for £15 using an old TV BOX.

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