Paris Fury advises Tyson on how to behave as he confesses his SON is embarrassed by him & it’s relatable for all dads | The Sun

IT’S a rite of passage for many kids to be embarrassed by their parents at some point.

And even boxing legend Tyson Fury has admitted his own children cringe at him when they are at school with their pals.

Tyson and glamorous wife Paris Fury sat down for an interview to promote their new Netflix show, At Home with the Furys.

In the comical clip, Tyson was asked for advice from a parent whose teenagers were embarrassed by them.

But sadly, he could relate to the issue.

Tyson explained: “My son is 11 years old. Prince, he’s in school and he’s like ‘don’t do videos on Instagram saying ‘hi guys I’m in the gym’’ because all his friends at school are giving him stick about it.

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“My son’s embarrassed of his father!”

Paris smiled as she asked her husband: “So how do you help that situation?”

He quickly replied: “Well I’m asking you, how do I help it?”

Paris said Tyson had been quick to respond to his son and refused to back down on “being embarrassing".

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Paris revealed: “Well you don’t do what you do, you just went off ‘tell all your friends they are idiots.’

“I think you’ve still got to just let them have that moment. 

“I think eventually they’ll come back round, won’t they.”

Tyson also asked his wife if his “dad dancing” could help the issue, saying: “What about school parties and stuff? When you go there and do the cool dancing?”

Paris laughed: “No don’t do that, that’s not how to succeed at this mission”, and Tyson replied: “I think it is.”

Paris and Tyson are parents to Venezuela, 13, Prince John James, 11, Prince Tyson II, seven, Valencia, five, Prince Adonis Amaziah, four, and Athena, two.

The couple have made no secret of their desire to have a big family, with Tyson declaring they want 11 children.

In her book, Love and Fury: The Magic and Mayhem of Life with Tyson, Paris said: "Tyson and I had always intended to carry on the great Traveller tradition and have a big family: three children at the very least, we’d say to each other, maybe even ten if we were lucky."

However, Paris confessed that her most recent traumatic birth almost put her off having another.

Athena was born with a fast heartbeat of 300 beats a minute, with the norm being around the 120 beats mark.

After they finally got Athena home safe and sound, Paris revealed Tyson insisted that she would be their last.

However, in March, Tyson revealed that he and wife Paris are expecting their seventh child.

The Gypsy King wants his children to grow up working for their fortune and has made sure to normalise their lives as much as possible.

Fury said: “For me it's very important to stay close to my grassroots as I've got a lot of kids coming up, I've got five kids, very important for them to know the value of money.

“It's very important for them to know how to earn money. So, if they see me splashing out all the time and living a movie stars' lifestyle they grow up thinking that's the only way they can live.

“To earn from a normal job, £200-300-a-week, however much they're going to get, they might think that's no good if they've been spoiled rotten by multi-millionaire parents.

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“So I don't do that. My kids don't go to private school, I don't have any private education, they just go to normal school, everyone does normal stuff.”

The couple got married in 2008 after three years of dating in front of 400 guests.

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