PE teacher who owns 90 pairs of trainers & ‘lives’ in trackies breaks down in tears after You Are What You Wear makeover

A TOMBOY PE teacher who “lives” in tracksuit bottoms and owns 90 pairs of trainers broke down in tears as she was given the ultimate glamorous makeover. 

Rachael, 35, appeared on BBC’s You Are What You Wear and said she had “stopped trying” with her appearance a few years ago, but wants to get back on the dating scene.

 Before her transformation, Rachael’s practical wardrobe revolved around boxing shorts, waterproof trousers, netball dresses and rugby tops.

The sports nut told host Rylan Clark-Neal: “I teach sports all day but I also go to the gym in the evening. I play for a netball team and a rugby team and like to exercise. 

“So my whole wardrobe is sports clothes, trainers, gym kit. I own 90 pairs of trainers.”

She revealed how a few years ago she made the decision to “relax and to stop trying to impress other people” with her appearance. 

 Rachael explained: “I stopped getting my lashes done, stopped dying my hair and just wore whatever I felt comfortable in.

“But that was two years ago now and that can make you get stuck in a little funk where you don’t feel depressed and sad, but you don’t just feel glamorous or attractive.”

It emerged that Rachael had gone through a break up a few years ago, and her new dressed-down look was proving to be a barrier to finding someone new. 

She said: “I think in a way me dressing like this for two years is kind of a barrier I’ve put up to stop anyone getting in there or even inviting me out. 

“Maybe subconsciously I am ready and a helping hand in the wardrobe department would spur me on.”

Art director and fashion stylist Joey was given the task of giving Rachael a head-to-toe chic makeover to boost her confidence and change her look from gymwear to glam. 

He said: “We need to burn the tracksuit. We’ll keep some so you can actually do your job. 

“It’s all about body confidence, female empowerment but still being sexy and chic at the same time. Girl power.”

Joey picked out three looks that he thought would suit Rachael, before unveiling his final show-stopping ensemble. 

First up, Joey kept nervous Rachael close to her comfort zone in grey trackie bottoms with a white emblem T-shirt and beige heeled boots.

He said: “It is a smart jogger so it is mixing around with the sports chic look but a really luxurious fabric as it is a silk satin.”

The relaxed look went down well with Rachael, who said: “Very comfy, bit like pyjamas.”

Next up was a brown, leather midi dress with knee-high leather boots that also impressed the sports star. 

And his final studio look was a stunning white midi dress with white stilettos, which had a “sports luxe” feel to it. 

Beaming, Rachael said: “I feel really different. I’ve never worn shoes like this ever.”

But it was Joey’s final look, which included glamorous hair and make-up, that was truly jaw-dropping – and Rachael looked unrecognisable. 

He chose an electric blue fitted pant suit with red, leather heels, making her look more ready for the runway than the football pitch. 

When she saw herself in the mirror for the first time, she broke down in tears saying: “Oh my god. 

“Oh wow. Oh my lord. I don’t look like me. I look like a character in a film. I look mint. 

“I see a strong feminine woman not in trainers, not in a tracksuit.” 

Rachael’s sister Rebecca also looked moved to tears when she saw her final outfit, and she gushed: “You look fabulous. Is that you?

“Oh my god you look amazing! I thought it was someone else, I thought it was a celebrity.”

You Are What You Wear airs tonight at 8pm on BBC One.

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