People are only just realising they’ve been saying Vimto all wrong and it’s blowing their minds | The Sun

WHO doesn't love a refreshing Vimto?

The popular drink first hit our shelves in 1908 and was soon transformed into the familiar flavour we all love.

But did you know you've probably been pronouncing it all wrong?

The fruity beverage seems simple enough to pronounce but people still get it wrong everyday.

It turns out loads of us have been saying 'Vimpto' instead of Vimto… which isn't right.

This comes after people spotted a billboard revealing the true pronunciation.


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It read: "Changing our name to Vimpto… seeing as you all pronounce it that way."

The revelation sparked a debate among social media users who had no idea they'd be adding in the 'P' without realising.

And although the brand confirmed they aren't actually changing their name some people thought it would be easier if they did.

One social media was relieved to find out they aren't the only person who's been saying it wrong

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They said: "Trying to remember who it was who mocked me for saying this, but I've always pronounced it Vimpto, well HERE'S SOME F**KING VINDICATION."

And someone else commented: "It was always Vimpto on my shopping list. I thought you were just righting a wrong!"

Another person couldn't believe people have been saying it wrong.

They said: "Well played Vimto, even though my toes curl when I hear Vimpto!"

"All of my kids have always said 'Vimpto' one twitter user confessed.

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