People are only just realising they've been using bubble wands wrong – and the right way will save tonnes of tears | The Sun

THEY'RE among the most hated outdoor toys of many parents – simply because they frequently lead to tears.

But one man has shown exactly how to correctly use a bubble wand, and his method is likely to save a lot of upset.

"This is how a bubble wand should be used," Richard Wilson – aka The Legendary Nut Job – began his TikTok video.

He then took the wand out of the container and waved it around – demonstrating a method a lot of children use to try and create bubbles.

"Not like this…" he said of the traditional way.

"But like this."

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He then showed the correct way – pumping the wand up and down in the liquid and blowing as it came up each time.

The method resulted in a steady string of bubbles streaming from the wand.

People quickly took to the comments section to weigh in on Richard's incredible revelation, with one writing: "WHAT!?!? Holy cats…"

"40yrs old falling asleep on sofa yet i want to go buy a bubble wand," another added.

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"Sat on couch at 49 in stunned silence," a third commented.

"TT has allowed me to relive my childhood blowing bubbles.

"I was clearly rubbish at it the 1st time round."

"I'm not waiting for next summer to do this, I did go out to get some and my daughter loved it," someone else said.

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While another comment read: "You just changed my life."

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