People get furious that we put our marriage before our kids… it works for us, we’ve been together years

THERE are many things people tend to judge others about – and if your life ispublic, you're twice as prone to mean remarks.

Mum-of-three Valeria Lipovetsky is no exception, and she posted a video sharing the things people dislike about her marriage with her husband, Gary Lipovestky.

The couple shared the video on Instagram and TikTok, where it's gone viral with more than 620,000 views.

According to Valeria and Gary, who got married in 2012, they constantly hear comments about their age gap.

With Valeria being 31 and Gary 47, many people often assume she's only interested in his money.


This, the influencer emphasised, is not the case, as her relationship with Gary, an entrepreneur, is more important than their three children, Jake, Benjamin and Maximus.

''We prioritise our relationship over the kids.''

She also went on to add that the couple no longer buys gifts for one another, which often leaves many people confused.

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Viewers were divided, with some struggling to understand how prioritising relationship over kids affects children.

However, one person was quick to point out: ''Prioritize you relationship doesn’t mean neglecting your kids.''

''If the relationship is not nurtured, the kids will suffer in the end,'' another agreed.

''You guys are doing it right!!''

''i think prio the relationship over kids is quite clever.

''Because a healthy home starts with a healthy relationship of both parents (partners),'' another supportive TikToker added.

Someone joked: ''I think what angers people is the fact that you have nice hair and he doesn’t, that’s why there’s a contrast.''

One shared: ''Me and my Husband don't do gifts to each other… we like to spend the money that we'd spend on gifts on a great date/break!''

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