Princess Diana Didn't Wear Sneakers With This Look, but That's Not Stopping Kristen Stewart

Princess Diana Didn’t Wear Sneakers With This Look, but That’s Not Stopping Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart was spotted filming Spencer, in which she plays Princess Diana, wearing full costume in Dülmen, Germany. Well, nearly full costume, anyway. The actor, who previously wore Chanel for the first still released from the upcoming movie, was this time giving Diana’s famous tartan blazer a whirl. The late royal owned a similar style and wore it outside the Château de Chambord during her official visit to France with Prince Charles in 1988. She later wore the look again in 1989 for an outing in Portsmouth.

Spencer is actually set over the course of a weekend in December 1991, but the time period for this look is right on point. Stewart’s iteration of the Diana outfit came finished with tights and a black pencil skirt, plus cat-eye sunglasses with a white trim, and, yup, there they are — a pair of Adidas Campus sneakers. Come on, don’t act like you’re surprised. Stewart is known for her sporty fashion sense, and if there’s any shoe we’d expect to see her in on set, it’s definitely Adidas over fluffy UGGs — let’s just put it that way. In fact, we’ve never been more inspired by a combination, so we shopped out ways to get the look. Fifty percent Princess Di and 50 percent K-Stew equals 100 percent awesome in our book.

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