Professor Green reveals he's wooed girlfriend Karima cooking up tasty 'fakeaways' during lockdown in Morocco love nest

THEY were forced to spend months cooped up inside together in a Morocco love nest during lockdown – but it's only brought Professor Green and his girlfriend Karima McAdams closer than ever.

And the rapper, real name Stephen Manderson, says a new love of cooking has proved a saviour throughout, as he woos his stunning other half with homemade ‘fakeaways’.

The loved up star, who even has the actress’ name tattooed across his chest, tells Sun Online that they were housebound together in Morocco due to strict ‘state of emergency’ rules in the country.

But rather than getting under each other's feet, Pro says he focused his attention on impressing her with his culinary skills – and they now appear completely smitten after "the best year ever" together.

The star has got so into cooking he's even been making things from scratch three times a day “just to take up time”. 

Here the 36-year-old opens up on life in lockdown with Karima, and how his new hobby has helped him give something back to his beloved nan – who he credits with bringing him up and saving him from foster care…

'We weren’t allowed even an hour’s exercise'

Pro and Karima were housebound in Morocco due to strict ‘state of emergency’ rules.

"We weren’t allowed even an hour’s exercise outside of the house so you couldn’t just walk the streets aimlessly," he says.

However, his cooking appears to have well and truly impressed his girlfriend, as she's shared a series of besotted photos on Instagram in the last few months – including one marking their first anniversary.

She wrote: "I love you more than wanting to doink you on the head. It’s been the best year ever. Thank you my darling @professorgreen we are 1 year strong."

I love you more than wanting to doink youon the head. It’s been the best year ever. Thank you my darling @professorgreen we are 1 year strong 🦾💘

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While Brits were battling to get their hands on the bare essentials at the height of lockdown, the musician says Morocco's shops were full to the brim – making cooking an easy hobby to pick up.

“While people were fighting over bog roll here and there was no flour, the shelves in Morocco were packed to the high heavens," he says.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he returned to the UK all the same, as he was finally allowed out for a walk. 

He says: “I can’t tell you how much my dogs have helped me, especially when I got back from Morocco and I was able to walk again.”

Although his pups, Arthur and Ethel, took some convincing.

He adds: “My dogs literally shunned me. I thought they’d be jumping all over the place, weeing on the floor out of excitement, but they just looked at me and were not happy.

Please god may I never get dementia because I really don’t want to ever forget this day. Stephen Manderson you threw me a hurricane of surprises I feel exceptionally lucky and full to the brim with love. Thank you to everyone involved, all my guests, @cheftombrown and team, @patron @mercedesbenz @deb_spr @tattooedbakers And all the birthday messages from friends, I’m bloody moved by how much love can buzz you out of your mind. Thank you 🖤

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“And then to further upset them I was walking them for three or four hours a day to make up for all the steps I’d missed out on in Morocco. So they hated me again. 

“But now they’re getting about an hour and a half to two hours a day and we’ve mended our bond.”

'I’ll forever be grateful to that woman'

Stephen is especially proud that his new cooking abilities have gone down a storm with the other love of his life – his nan Pat.

She brought him up on a Hackney council estate with his great gran Edie after his mum walked out on him as a child.

He was fed a diet of oven chips and baked beans – and whatever else his nan had time to cook between working three jobs a day.

And Pat, 77, recently paid him the biggest culinary compliment, as Stephen explained: “My nan is the hardest to please but she has admitted that I make better roast potatoes than her. 

“She’s been cooking them for me for all these years so to get that from her was big.”

Despite not being able to give his beloved nan a hug since January – which he says is “killing him” because he’s a “real hugger” – they are closer than ever. 

“Somehow, with all the space between us, our relationship has managed to develop into one better than it has been for quite some time," he says.

“I’ll forever be grateful to that woman because I didn’t end up in foster care. I am lucky to have her. 

“We almost speak every day at the moment. And she’s not been moaning or shouting at me about anything, which is incredible. 

“Although I just stick to phone calls because on video calls I can normally just see part of her forehead.”

Stephen has had a difficult few years. He split from ex-wife and Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh in 2016 and had a botched hernia operation in 2017, leaving him with a collapsed lung and pneumonia which nearly killed him.

Two years later he fractured his neck after suffering three seizures just hours before his tour was due to begin and has suffered with bouts of depression.

However, he says this year has been brighter for him – much of which is down to his new hobby.

'I knew there was going to be Irish in there'

Stephen’s love of food in lockdown also saw him partner with chef pal Gizzi Erskine for their ‘Giz n Greens’ Monday night fakeaway, which saw them recreate their favourite fast foods live on Instagram.

They even took it a step further and opened a pop-up restaurant and takeaway at London’s Passo, which ended recently.

And the music star has taken his love of food one step further by taking a DNA test to discover recipes based on his family heritage.

As far as he was aware, his ancestry was “Hackney, Hackney and Hackney, by way of three generations”. 

His mum and dad were both from the area, as were their parents, and his great grandmother was left on a doorstep there as a child.

But he learned he is actually part French, part German, with a dash of Irish in him too. 

Stephen says: “I knew there was going to be Irish in there because I get ginger hairs in my sort of weak excuse for a beard that I can’t really grow."

Pro Green's 'rule of six'

Now with plenty of time, and a selection of new found recipes, Stephen hopes to wow his friends and family. 

And he says his 'Rule of Six' dinner party would include the people he misses the most – his nan, uncle, and aunt, as well as partner Karima, her sister and her mum. 

But there won’t be a cheeseboard in sight as he absolutely despises the stuff – despite being 35 per cent French. 

He says: “I’ve hated cheese since I was a very young child and I still hate it now – apart from mozzarella and maybe a Mexican cheese called Oaxaca.

“I just cannot stand the putrid smell of it. If someone’s shaving a load of parmesan onto their pasta on a plate opposite me, as soon as it starts to melt the smell makes me want to be sick.”

Professor Green uncovered his family history as part of a collaboration with recipe box company Gusto and Living DNA. Their DNA Dishes boxes allow cooks to take a free DNA test and then get served recipes inspired by their results. 

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