Proud mum shows off her Halloween Christmas tree complete with fake blood and gore… but gets absolutely roasted – The Sun

THERE are two types of people in this world – those who count down the days until their can whack up all their Christmas decorations and those who hate the pressure of it all.

But putting up a Halloween Christmas tree in October? Well it turns out, that's an even more divisive issue.

Spotting a way in which she could get her Christmas decoration fix early, one proud mum created a ghoulish Halloween-inspired tree – but other unfortunately aren't quite as impressed.

Posting photo of her spooky tree covered in fake blood and creepy skeletons on the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the mum wrote: "Sooo Halloween tree!

"Deco from The Range and Poundland and made the bows out of the ribbon from The Range!"

Instead of traditional tinsel, the mum has covered the tree in black and orange Halloween-inspired police tape, black sparkly skulls and enormous spiders.

But our favourite feature? The black-and-white sign reading: "Ghouls just want to have fun." Genius.

That said, not everyone was such a fan – with many other members of the group arguing that is was too soon to put up a tree. Even if it was Halloween-themed.

One unimpressed member wrote: "No, no just no. They're all awful.

"I'm all for putting your tree up early but a Halloween tree, really? It serves no purpose and looks hideous."

Another joked: "Think they've nailed it tbh anything I see Christmassy before the middle of November is terrifying."

A third wrote: "I wouldn't combine two holidays!!"

That said, others were thrilled by the prospect of having an excuse to put up their trees early.

Tagging a mate in the post, one user pointed out: "You could do this and have your tree up an extra month."

Another gushed: "You can go straight from Halloween to Christmas"

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