‘Riverdale’ Season 4 Will End Early Due To The Coronavirus, A Writer Confirmed

Riverdale fans won’t have to wait as long as they may have thought for the Season 4 finale. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has been unclear if the teen drama’s cast and crew would be able to finish out its last few episodes of its current season, and now one of the show’s writers has confirmed that the season will cut some of its planned episodes. So Riverdale Season 4 will end early, meaning there’s only one episode left to look forward to before the new season finale.

The final few episodes of Riverdale Season 4 have been in limbo since production shut down in March due to concerns about possible coronavirus exposure on set. The show’s next new episode — it’s annual musical episode — had to be postponed a week, and now a writer for the show has revealed that the final three episodes planned for this season won’t air as part of Season 4. Although Season 4 was originally intended to be 22 episodes long, just like Seasons 2 and 3, writer Ted Sullivan confirmed that the season will now end with Episode 19. Don’t get too upset, though, because Sullivan went on to assure fans that Episodes 20, 21, and the planned Season 4 finale will still get made and just air at the start of Season 5.

The newly shortened season means that only two episodes are left before Season 4 is over: Episode 18, "Lynchian," will air on Wednesday, April 29, and then the season finale, "Killing Mr. Honey," will air sometime after that. The CW has not yet announced an airdate for the Season 4 finale, but Netflix recently revealed that Season 4 will become available to stream in full on Thursday, May 14, which means the season has to wrap up sometime before that. Because of that info, it looks like the finale is coming on Wednesday, May 6.

It’s unclear what the season finale could be about, but Sullivan teased it has a cliffhanger ending and the title suggests that the Riverdale High students may get some revenge on their strict new principal, Mr. Honey. So, enjoy the final two episodes of the season these coming weeks, and then look forward to marathoning Season 4 all over again when it comes to Netflix on May 14.

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