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MOULD can cause a range of problems – not only is it unsightly and can instantly ruin the look of any room, the fungus is also responsible for a number of health issues.

As the weather gets colder and more humid, you may begin to notice the black fungus forming near windows and on walls – but luckily, there is an easy way to banish it, according to a savvy Aussie.

The Australian TikTok home influencer, Anita Birges, claimed that all you need to tackle this issue is chalk.

Taking to social media, the mum shared the cleaning trick where it's since gone viral, with close to a whopping 105k views.

''Do you have mould in your drawers or in your bedroom?

''Have I got the best mould prevention hack for you. It’s all about absorbing moisture,'' she explained in the video.

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According to the whizz, whose tips have amassed her almost 60 followers on TikTok, all you need are just two ingredients – a few drops of clove oil and jumbo sticks of blackboard chalk.

''Dab on a couple of drops of clove oil and then you pop them in your drawer.

''Place or hang them in cupboards and drawers around the house and allow the scent to waft around killing mould spores,'' Anita instructed.

''Mould, mould, go away,'' she chuckled.

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The easy hack has taken the internet by storm and has seen many cleaning enthusiasts thank Anita for sharing it.

''WOW thank you I learnt something today,'' one fan commented.

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Someone else penned: ''wow thank you so much for sharing. super woman.''

Recently, the savvy Aussie also revealed how to clean your washing machine – and there's no vigorous scrubbing involved.

"Most people think that all the mold builds up on the rubber seal of the washing machine … they are wrong," expert Anita Birges revealed in a video shared on her popular TikTok page.

The Australian then encouraged people to take out the entire detergent tray from its compartment and warned people they will be "mortified" about what they find.

The footage she shared showed the tray area covered in unsightly black and brown mold and stains.

She also admitted that it's a difficult spot to get into, but shared her trick for cleaning it up with little effort.

First, Anita instructed people to soak the entire dispenser in hot water and vinegar for one hour.

She next grabbed a cleaning brush equipped with a handle that holds dish soap.

"Grab a dish brush, squeeze in a little toothpaste, fill with water, and shake to mix it up," she wrote over a video of herself carrying out her instructions.

Anita then used the dish brush to clean the area of the washing machine that holds the detergent dispenser.

"You can also use a toothbrush to get into those small crevices," she noted as she scrubbed the space with one.

She used the toothbrush to clean the dispenser that was soaking in the water as well.

Finally, she poured boiling water into the detergent dispenser holder to make sure everything had been cleaned.

The water simply tricked into the drum of the washing machine.

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"Wipe down with a microfiber cloth and you are done!" Anita concluded.

"Clean, fresh, and mold-free!"

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