Savvy woman turns grotty cupboard into magical make-up station with a lick of paint and Asda fairy lights

A SAVVY woman roped in her partner and has transformed her grotty cupboard into a magical walk-in dressing room with a lick of paint and some clever accessories. 

Emma Tootill decided to repurpose a large cupboard into her very own make-up station, and enlisted the handiwork ofher other halftoo.

They painted the walls, fixed the lighting, added a vanity with stool, and put up shelves for Emma to store all her make-up in boxes. 

But for an extra touch of glam Emma also added a nail varnish cabinet and fairy lights from Asda – resulting in a stunning dressing room after previously using the cupboard for storage. 

Sharing transformation snaps to Facebook group DIY On A Budget UK, Emma said: “We had a cupboard just for storage… now it’s a dressing room!! 

“My other half did this in just a tiny space and I love it. My own dressing room.

“Not expensive just a lick of paint from an old grey paint pot we had left and some shelves and some fairy lights from Asda. So chuffed!!”

Hundreds of people have liked her post online, praising their clever use of space. 

One person commented: “Oh wow love that! a little space just for you and no one else!” 

Another said; “Aw that’s really lovely ! Well done !

"Amazing what you can do with a bit of imagination and a bit of hard graft.”. 

A third wrote: “Awesome! Fantastic size cupboard.”

While this person added “Soooooo love this !”

And someone else commented: " That's amazing."

Although one person warned her to be careful about doing her make-up with no natural light.

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