‘Selfish’ mum slammed over huge loo roll haul after filling car over TWO DAYS (& she was fuming she wasn’t allowed more)

CAST your mind back to this time last year and you'll remember how difficult it was to get your hands on everyday essentials like bread, pasta and even loo roll.

But while we thought we were well beyond the stockpiling stage now, one mum has been slammed online after showing off her HUGE toilet paper haul – and the supermarket has even banned her from buying any more.

Earlier this week, the Australian woman and her sister boasted about how they took advantage of the store's 49c [27p] deal on four-packs of loo roll.

In two days, the pair took several trips to the supermarket to make the most of the offer.

The mum then shared a picture of the hundreds of toilet paper rolls taking up every inch of space in her car boot on social media.

After the supermarket banned her from buying any more, the mum wrote: "I like to stock up and it's a clearance price right now. I buy for multiple households and I donate regularly.

It shouldn't matter to an employee how much I want to buy. There is no limit and no shortage…

"It shouldn't matter to an employee how much I want to buy. There is no limit and no shortage."

However, other shoppers blasted the mum and said it was "selfish" to buy that much.

One replied: "So that's where all the toilet paper went…"

"Looks a bit selfish to me," another added.

Meanwhile, a third wrote: "Why are you doing this?"

Even before the pandemic, the mum admitted to stockpiling loo roll and was happy to share it with loved ones when they struggled to find it in shops last year.

"It's always nice to have plenty," she added. "When there was no [toilet paper] in the stores last year I provided for my family and friends."

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