Shein slammed by furious shoppers over how they model their plus-size tights following bizarre photoshoot | The Sun

FASHION fans have slammed Shein over some bizarre pictures on their website.

If you've been shopping for a pair of plus-size tights recently, you might've already spotted the strange snaps that have left shoppers puzzled.

The pictures show a model posing with a large water dispenser attached to her hip and the tights stretched over the top.

Shoppers have since slammed Shein for using models with props rather than real plus-sized models.

The picture was shared by twitter user @karmaxkarmm, who wrote: "SHEIN. y'all couldn't find y'all a plus size model??????? Wtf is THIS?"

The tweet quickly went viral with over 176.9 likes and a tonne of comments from furious shoppers.

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One person called the pictures an "embarrassment", and another quipped: "Shame on Shein."

Another wrote: "Instead of finding a fat model they resulted to just being like “look how much sh*t we can fit in these tights!!”

And one user jabbed: "They can easily find a plus size models who can do justice to their plus size products, they just need to look."

Others had a hard time believing the pictures were real, one said: "This has to be fake."

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But others jumped in to defend the retailer, insisting that people were overreacting and missing the point of the pictures.

"I mean, yes, this is ridiculous, but I’m pretty sure the intention was to show how much the tights can stretch without ripping rather than showing what they would look like on a plus sized model," someone wrote.

A second agreed: "Or you could look at the image as a clear advertisement for tear free, stretchy tights."

The Sun has contacted Shein for comment.

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