'Tacky' bride sends guests £220 invoice after wedding – but people reckon SHE'S in the right

LET'S not beat around the bush here – getting invited to someone's wedding is a big deal.

On the one hand, it means they want you there on the most important day of their life – and on the other, they're willing to pay a small fortune to feed you, ply you with free booze and entertain you with a band or DJ.

So when someone doesn't turn up after all the effort that went in to planning everything, we can't blame any brides and grooms for losing their cool.

This is the exact scenario one pair of newlyweds have recently found themselves in – and rather than taking the snub lying down, they've decided to get their ownback.

Earlier this week, the anonymous bride posted a TikTok where she filmed herself sending the no-shows a £220 invoice to cover the cost of their meals.

She captioned the clip: "When guests RSVP for your wedding but don't show up or send a gift…"

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It wasn't long before the video ended up on Reddit's Wedding Shaming forum – but people in the comments largely took HER side.

One user replied: "Charging for a no-show should be normalized – unless there was an emergency, obviously.

"Charging for no gift is cringe."

Another argued: "The couple paid hundreds per person for the food and other costs.

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"If the people who RSVP ghost and make them waste that money it's deserved."

"Invoicing for a no-show yes-RSVP should be a thing," a third replied. "Very nearly as trashy. (Outside of emergencies, as others mentioned.)"

That said, others weren't so impressed with the couple's approach.

A fourth argued: "This is so incredibly tacky BUT it’s also incredibly rude to RSVP and then no show. Both parties are awful LOL."

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Meanwhile, a fifth said: "While I understand that it’s a huge bummer if someone didn’t show to your wedding and their stuff was already paid for (food, alcohol, maybe even hotel room if you pitched in for that).

"You shouldn’t be petty and charge someone for not showing up. Especially if you’re charging them $288."

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