Tattoo artist proudly shares a Zodiac sign she's inked on a client – and people are all saying the same thing

AN AUSSIE artist has gone viral after revealing she gave her client a face inking of her astrological sign.

In a video on TikTok, Daisy Lovesick (@daisylovesick), from Brisbane, Australia, revealed one of her latest creations – a zodiac constellation freckle tattoo.

According to the Aussie artist, who has amassed almost 375,700 fans on social media, the client had approached her with a request of freckle tattoos in the shape of her zodiac sign.

''Today's constellation is Leo,'' the beauty whizz said at the start of the clip, which has been viewed by more than 119,000 people so far.

''And we're also going to do a teeny tiny crescent moon-shaped freckle on top as well.''

Before setting off to work of the client's face, Daisy used a piece of stencil to mark all the dots she would later ink in.

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Although the stencil, as demonstrated in the video, had lines to connect the small freckle dots, Daisy doesn't tattoo these on any of her clients.

This, alongside picking a natural ink shade, will give for more realistic-looking freckles.

In another TikTok clip, Daisy even claimed: ''Most people can't even tell where my clients have them tattooed after they're healed.''

The Aussie artist also said that those who visit her salon would usually opt for a constellation on each cheek – both different ones.

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''They'll either do their own Sun and Moon signs or they will do their children's Sun signs, their partner's Sun signs, their best friend's Sun signs […], things like that.

''Really meaningful cute, subtle little tattoos.''

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But despite recently being bombarded with criticism after tattooing rainbow and pastel freckles – which some were convinced the clients would grow to regret later – people seemed to be obsessed with Daisy's new work.

''I want these for my kids,'' commented one fan.

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Another added, wishing: ''If only you were in the US.''

Describing the design, someone wrote: ''Omg, that little moon is so cute!''

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