Tattoo artist proudly shares pastel freckles she inked on a client – but the trolls are out in force

A TATTOO artist has left the internet divided after showing off her client with pastel freckles.

In a viral video on TikTok, Daisy Lovesick (@daisylovesick), from Brisbane, Australia, revealed one of her latest creations – tattooed freckles inked in various pastel tones.

According to the Aussie artist, the client, Tilly, had flown all the way from Melbourne- a 2.5h journey – just to get their face covered in bright freckles.

Demonstrating what Tilly looked like prior to the appointment, Daisy said that pastel freckles would be ''very much Tilly's vibe'', as they sat with an adorable colourful necklace and cheerful hair ties.

''When I map for a freckle tattoo, I map intuitively by eye,'' Daisy explained the process.

''I get my clients to smile, make faces, talk, watch themselves in the mirror and make sure everything is lining up with their vision.''

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Once Tilly was satisfied with the bright red dots all over their nose and underneath eyes, the Aussie beauty artist set off to work.

During the session, Daisy said she tattooed one colour at a time before wiping everything off to then see which inks need a bit ''more attention''.

Here, the two had picked baby blue, lilac and a stunning shade of fuchsia for Tilly's new freckles.

''Look how absolutely perfect for Tilly these are!'' the TikTok-famous tattoo artist showed off the final results.

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''This is what I'm talking about when I say that the work that I do makes people look and feel so much more like themselves.''

But although Tilly appeared to love their new freckles – with a tiny heart by one of their eyes – the viewers shared a slightly different opinion, with many believing they would grow to regret this decision.

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''It’s very cute when your young [sic]. I can’t imagine being 40 with pastel Freckles [sic],'' commented someone – an opinion that's been liked by more than 330 other people.

''wait until there a old lady [sic],'' someone else agreed, whilst a third critic simply said: ''no''.

However, it wasn't all negative, as there were also plenty of supportive viewers who loved the work just as much as Tilly and Daisy.

One even claimed they would travel all the way from Los Angeles just to get their face covered in bright freckles.

And she wasn't the only one, as another fan confessed: ''I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to fly to you.''

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This is not the first time the Aussie artist has gone viral for her rather unusual work – a few weeks ago she took the internet by storm after sharing a clip of one of her many clients who had requested rainbow freckles.

These were so bright and colourful, some even described them as ''confetti'' freckles.

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