The five Ikea bargains that'll instantly transform your home – and it can cost you less than £20

WE often dream about lounging around our own designer-esque home inspired by those we see in magazines and on dreamy Air BnB listings.

But thanks to Ikea and its bargain buys, you can completely transform your home for pennies – with whatever style you fancy.

And we're not talking about splashing your cash on the most expensive bits the furniture giant has on offer either.

Because there are a few basic buys from the Swedish chain which people can't get enough of and you wouldn't believe what can be done with them.

Ikea fans have long been relying on Kallax, Malm and Billy (just to name a few) to spruce up any space.

No two homes look the same either despite being decked out with the same basic buys – and it's all thanks to a little DIY.

In fact, some people are upcycling items they already have with results that'll make you gush.

And the best part is that you don't need much more than a tub of paint or and a few extra bits which you can pick up for £20.

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Put your feet up and Kallax

The Kallax unit works well as a unique TV unitCredit: Instagram
The small units can also be used to form a desk with storageCredit: DIY On A Budget Official/Facebook
Parents love using Kallax cubes in kids' roomsCredit: Instagram
One person made a handy kitchen workbench by attached wheels and a slab of wood to two Kallax unitsCredit: Instagram
Kallax units make a great bed base and has plenty of storage too

You can't call yourself an Ikea fan if you don't have at least one Kallax unit laying around your home somewhere.

The Kallax shelving units are one of the Swedish furniture company's most popular storage options and come in different sizes, and colours, with the smallest starting at 42x42cm and costing just £15.

But they're not just being used as standard old shelving units, oh no, because people are transforming them into beds, desks and even kitchen units.

Whether you chuck on some legs, attach some cupboard doors and throw aslab on top,the bargain piece of furniture can be made into anything your heart desires – and the possibilities are endless.

Oh malm

The Malm bedroom set is a go-to when it comes to simple yet effective furniture with a range of products – including a bed, bedside tables, chest of drawers and a desk – in the series.

While the bed itself will set you back a few hundred quid, the smaller pieces in the range start from just £20.

Much like with the Kallax unit, DIY lovers are stopping at nothing to transform their Malm furniture, kitted with paint and hic handles.


While some bedside tables have been used for the same purpose,they've been given a stylish makeover – and you'd never guess they started out as the humble Malm item.

Meanwhile, the very same set of drawers has been used in a kids' playroom but another person but as a part of a desk which looks incredible.

Some DIYers decided to use the Malm six-drawer dresser as a bed base rather than to store their clothes.

But it also works as a TV unit too or part of a stylish walk-in-wardrobe.

Billy the kid

The Billy bookshelf has more hashtags dedicated to it on Instagram than Kim Kardashian and her sisters combined.

And as with all of Ikea's ranges, Billy comes in multiple sizes and colours, with the mini Billy starting at just £15.

While the empty bookshelf looks like nothing more than that – a bookshelf- the options to turn it into something incredible is what adds to the Billy charm.

While the shelf already comes in many colours, some people are choosing to paint them something else entirely creating a whole new look and feel in their home.

What's more, the option to add doors, glass panels, play with shelving widths and heights and decorate as you please means that there's no living room, bedroom or even kitchen where Billy doesn't belong.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

We all know how much a large mirror can transform any space as it always makes any room look way bigger.

But if you've ever tried to hunt one down then you'd know just how expensive oversized mirrors can be, but not any more thanks to this Ikea hack.

Crafty mum Stacy Solomon showed off her stunning feature mirror last year before revealing that she'd actually made it herself using £1 Ikea mirrors and frames.

With simple black picture frames costing £1.25, and £1 mirrors that fit perfectly inside, Stacey, like many others, managed to whip it up for just £30.

You can do as Stacy did and buy black frame, or make it even cheaper by painting a black slab instead.

The best part is that you can choose any size or shape you like – simply map them out on the wall before attaching them.

Once you're done we guarantee guests would never know, all the while you revel in your expensive-looking mirror.

That looks so stool

What's so great about a boring old stool, we hear you ask.

Well, before you dismiss this £5 bargain buy, check out just how much the Marius stool (which comes in white and black) can be transformed into a stunning feature in your home.

While they do work great as seats in kids' rooms, grown-ups are sprucing them up for other parts of the home.

In fact, Mrs Hinch showed her fans what a little spray paint and thinking outside the box can do.

She used a rattan placemat from her Tesco range and stuck it on the top.

Now she uses it as a mini coffee or display table which works beautifully in her living room.

In fact, others are using fluffy cushions or chopping boards to stick on top – pretty much anything goes.

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