The last chance to do these gardening jobs which need to be done before April – from bulb planting to lawn care

GARDENING is loved by many all year round, but spring is a very important time for planting bulbs and pruning plants.

A gardening expert has revealed the essential jobs that need to be done before April begins – so you haven’t got long to jump on them.

William Mitchel from Sutton Manor Nursery told that there are a number of last-minute jobs to tackle in March…

Pruning undergrowth

William said that you should cut back your plants to make your outdoor space not only visually attractive but also to allow for newer shoots to come through.

He explained: “It is very important to get rid of, or cut back any overgrown grasses or perennial plants that have built up over the winter months and become an eye-sore.”

You should prune flower shrubs like buddleia, clematis, hebes and hydrangeas, and take off dead flowers so you are left with healthier outward-facing bulbs.

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Banish pests

While your garden will start to thrive with warmer weather, you will also notice an increase in pests such as slugs.

William said you should be preparing preventative measures for this before April arrives.

He explained: “This can be done using natural deterrents like coffee grounds, wood ashes, or sand but can also be done by purchasing products that keep away the slugs using chemicals.”

Lawn care

If you don’t give your lawn attention, it can ruin the whole look of your garden.

William said of sunnier seasons: “At this time it's very important to keep on top of your lawn, as weeds tend to thrive in these sunnier environments.”

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You should cut grass on a weekly basis to stimulate new growth, and use a pitchfork to aerate it by punching holes into the turf layer.

You should also “scarify” your lawn, which means removing organic matter, such as thatch or moss, from around the base of the grass plants.

Plant new bulbs

Many plants and flowers pop up in spring, such as daffodils and tulips, but these tend to leave by summer.

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Therefore, you should plant some bulbs that will spring up in their place, and research varieties for later in the season.

Plants suited to a late-March opening are geraniums, oriental poppies and dahlias.

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