The One Strapless Bra I Don't Dread Wearing (Even in the Summer)

Ask any woman and you’ll typically find that even someone who loves her strapless bra … kinda hates her strapless bra. If it’s effective, it tends to be suffocating; if it’s wearable for more than an hour, things tend to droop. And though I don’t mind suffering for a special occasion, I’m unwilling to do it on an ordinary Saturday, which has kept me from buying any of the strapless, racerback, off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder offerings flooding all my favorite retailers for summer. No flirty neckline is worth me spending all day “hoik-ing” something that’s sliding to my waist – or counting down the seconds until I can get home and release my ribcage from prison.

However, Lively appears to have engineered a solution that combines the best of both worlds – a supportive strapless bra that is so lightweight and comfortable I truly forgot I had it on (that’s a sentence I’ve never said about a strapless bra before). They have several other strapless styles that come in a variety of “nude” skin tones – this one just comes in almond and black – but I particularly like this style because it’s so breathable that it’s easy to wear even on the hottest of days, and it has removable pads so you can choose the level of structure you want in a bra.

If you need something really structured, this is still not your bra – but it remains the only bandeau bra I’ve tried that hasn’t tried to migrate down my torso, even though I was fully running after a toddler in the airport. It’s also the only supportive strapless that hasn’t made me want to set it on fire as soon as I take it off, thanks to the airy mesh fabric. After wearing it under a halter and a shoulder-tie dress this weekend, I’ve decided to splurge on all those fancy-neckline finds I’ve denied myself for all these years … and another one of these bras in black.

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