The ‘stand and deliver’ sex position promises a deeper sensation for you both and couples can’t get enough – The Sun

IF you were looking to mix things up in the bedroom, why not try taking your love-making into another room.

The Stand and Deliver sex position promises new sensations – and angles – for you both.

Lovehoney’s sex expert, Sammi Cole, says this position is easy to master, and couples can reach new heights of pleasure.

And it helps spice things up by getting out of the bedroom.

Sammi said: “The Stand and Deliver sex position is a sure-fire way of making him orgasm faster.”

To recreate the position, the woman will need to lie down on something – and it’s not a bed.

Sammi added: “You’ll need to combine this position with some waist-height furniture, such as a kitchen table or desk.”

To copy the moves, simply find something suitable to lie down on, and then lift your legs onto his shoulders.

This position is great for when you’re feeling full or tired, as the man does most of the work.

Sammi explains: “He stands next to her with her legs resting on his shoulders.

“He enters her, allowing him to thrust as fast or as slow as you both desire.”

And Sammi shared a tip for an even deeper connection, adding: “Get extra satisfaction by maintaining eye contact as you are both about to orgasm.”


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